Radiologic Technology

Admission to Program

Admission requirements

Applicants to the program must provide proof of the following and meet general admission policies:

  1. high school graduate or equivalency
  2. completion of the following high school or college courses, within the last 5 years, with a minimum grade of  "C": 
    1. two semesters of math, one of which is an algebra (NVCC Math 137- Intermediate Algebra)
    2. two semesters of science, one of which must be biology with a lab
      1. general biology is a prerequisite for Bio 211
      2. if you completed a general biology within the last 8 years you may request an examination to meet this prerequisite; contact the math/science division
  3. qualified achievement on college placement tests along with completion of all necessary remedial courses
  4. completion of mandatory program information session; you will receive a schedule in the mail to select a date/time
  5. medical examination report by a physician (within 3 months) that describes the physical and emotional health of the applicant; completion and verification of all required immunizations before beginning classes
  6. ability to perform the radiography skills as outlined in the program’s technical standards
  7. submission of application materials, including high school transcripts, college records, and radiology program records when applicable
  8. proof of a BLS Health Care Provider course in CPR (HPC-C) from the American Heart Association prior to beginning class.

The final selection of candidates for admission is based on academic performance: overall GPA, math GPA, science GPA and courses completed.


Review the Radiologic Technology program fact sheet to view the required courses.

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) requirements

A previous criminal conviction may eliminate a student from sitting for the certification examination. A previous criminal record includes, but may not be restricted to misdemeanor drug possession charges, DUI, felony convictions, military court martia and proceedings where a plea of nolo contender was entered. Individuals may contact the ARRT at (615) 687-0048 privately for clarification of their eligibility status. ARRT. certification is required to obtain a radiographer’s license in Connecticut and many other states.

Additionally, a clinical affiliate may/will perform a criminal background check prior to attending assignments in their facility. Any student that is not allowed to attend a clinical assignment as a result of a criminal background check is no longer eligible for admission into the Radiologic Technology Program.

Program Coordinator
Mark J Martone
203-575-8266 (p)
Room: F120