Object-Oriented Programming

The Object-Oriented Programming certificate educates students in the areas of object-oriented programming and systems design, with students taking courses in the area of object-oriented systems (OOS).

Programming languages include C++, VISUAL BASIC and JAVA.

An introduction to client/server systems applications is also included in this certificate program. Courses are designed to educate students for immediate positions in the industry and provide a solid foundation for continuation in our two-year associate degree in Computer Information Systems Technology.

Program outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. demonstrate the use of objects in application programs
  2. define and implement efficient object-oriented solutions using C++, JAVA and VISUAL BASIC.
  3. write, compile and execute programs using C++, JAVA, and VISUAL BASIC programming languages
  4. create applications using object-oriented features
  5. use inheritance and interfaces to create robust, reusable, programming code
  6. demonstrate a basic understanding of relational database concepts.