Core Values

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking skills are essential in today’s rapidly changing health care environment. Critical thinking is a complex process that is purposeful, goal-directed and based on factual evidence. Critical thinking requires the skills of collecting, identifying, examining, interpreting and evaluating data. Critical thinking in nursing utilizes the nursing process to identify problems, determine goals and interventions and evaluate outcomes in client care situations. Critical thinking skills encourage nursing students to think for themselves and initiate appropriate interventions after defining the health care needs.

Safe and Competent Practice

Safe and Competent Practice embraces standards of professional nursing. These standards are implemented through clinical, cultural, and technological proficiency in a variety of health care settings. Nurses continuously strive to provide high level nursing care and to improve client outcomes based upon scientifically supported evidence.


Caring is fundamental to nursing practice. Caring encompasses comfort, empathy, compassion, concern and advocacy within a culturally diverse clientele.


Professionalism is acquired through a complex process, by which the nursing student internalizes values inherent to the practice of nursing. These values include integrity, legal-ethical standards, confidentiality, political awareness and collegiality. Professional role development includes the acquisition of knowledge and skills through lifelong learning.


Communication is essential to the practice of professional nursing and includes both verbal and non-verbal skills as well as information technologies to enhance client care. The nursing student develops skills in presentation, documentation, teaching, conflict resolution, assertiveness, negotiation, and therapeutic communications with individuals, families, groups, health care team and community agencies.

Holistic Care

Holistic Care is a multidisciplinary approach to managing care that recognizes the uniqueness of the individual. Holistic nursing has as its goal the enhancement of illness prevention, health promotion, wellness maintenance, and health restoration across the life.

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