Types of Instruction

In addition to "traditional" sections, NVCC offers mathematics courses using a variety of instructional techniques. You can choose the best format for your learning style! These are designated by "A," "C," "D," "H," and "S" in the College catalog and course schedules:

"Traditional" Sections (no course designator)

  • Classes are instructor-led and lecture-based.
  • Instructor-guided practice includes application to real world situations.
  • Uses a graphing calculator to make connections.
  • Uses MyMathLab(MML) software as a supplemental resource.

“A” (Applied) Sections

  • Real world problems are used to develop mathematical concepts.
  • Uses a graphing calculator to explore and discover connections among mathematical ideas and skills.
  • Collaborate with classmates, brainstorm and communicate understanding.
  • Analyze data, make connections between data, graphs and equations.
  • Uses MyMathLab(MML) as a supplemental resource.
  • Recommended for students who like to read.

“C” (Computer) Sections

  • Interactive, computer-based courses are held in a mathematics computer classroom.
  • Delivered through multimedia lessons.
  • Instructor provides individual attention.
  • Students work at their own pace within class guidelines.
  • Students can accelerate coursework.
  • Recommended for students who are independent learners, self-motivated or just need a refresher.

"D" (Distance Learning) Sections

  • Self-taught, online computer-based courses
  • Take midterm and final exams on campus.
  • Require independent learning skills.
  • Recommended for highly-motivated, self-reliant students.

“H” (Hybrid) Sections

  • Interactive, computer-based courses
  • Meet with an instructor in a mathematics computer classroom one day per week.
  • Remainder of work is done online.
  • Recommended for independent, self-disciplined, highly-motivated learners.

“S” (Self-paced) Sections

  • Active computer-based learning (requires internet access outside of class)
  • Instructor provides individual attention.
  • Use MyMathLab(MML) software to successfully master topics at the pace that best suits your learning style and capabilities.
  • Take up to two semesters to complete the course or complete more than one course in a semester.
  • MML license allows access to online text (no textbook purchase required)
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Jane A Wampler
203-596-2160 (p)
Room: E418a
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