Human Services/Pre-Social Work

Who We Work With

Experience the world of human services

You will work directly with two full time faculty members who have extensive experience in the field and work collaboratively to make you NVCC experience a success. Your experience in the field work course gives you hands on experience in the field.

As a human services student, you have the opportunity to work within diverse age, gender and socioeconomic groups. You'll be introduced to people at all walks of life and have the opportunity to help them make a difference in themselves and society.

You'll work with:

  • children, adolescents, adults and elders
  • the disabled
  • families
  • schools, hospitals, prisons and other institutions and organizations
  • people with mental health, substance abuse, criminal, domestic violence and sexual assault issues, etc.
Program Coordinator
Kathleen A Leblanc
203-596-8616 (p)
Room: K617