Human Services/Pre-Social Work

Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

NVCC offers individual courses and a certificate program in Applied Behavior Analysis.  All ABA courses are taught by Board Certified Behavior Analysts and are accepted by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board for BCBAA certification if the applicant earns their Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field from an accredited university or college.  See for details on BCBAA certification requirements. 

ABA is a well-developed discipline among the helping professions, with an extensive body of scientific knowledge, established standards for evidence-based practice, specific interventions, recognized experience, and educational requirements for practice.  Professionals in applied behavior analysis engage in the specific and comprehensive use of principles of learning, including operant and respondent learning, in order to address behavioral needs of widely varying individuals in diverse settings. Examples of these applications include: building the skills and achievements of children in school settings; enhancing the development, abilities, education, and choices of children and adults with different kinds of disabilities including Pervasive Developmental Disorders, most notably Autism Spectrum Disorders; and augmenting the performance and satisfaction of employees in organizations and businesses.

Certificate Program Requirements and Outcomes
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Program Coordinator
Kathleen A Leblanc
203-596-8616 (p)
Room: K617