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General Studies offers students the opportunity to explore their own educational and professional pathways and discover the benefits of lifelong learning. Choose from a wide range of electives and your associate degree program to meet your needs. Each semester, you'll meet with program advisors who will assist you in course selection and keep you on track for graduation.

Degree Requirements

The suggested sequence for full-time students is shown below.

Competency or
Program Requirement
Course Number and Title Required
Aesthetic Dimensions/Written Communications Choose any Aesthetic Dimensions/Written Communications listed 3
Continuing Learning and Information Literacy/Ethics Choose any Continuing Learning and Information Literacy/Ethics listed 3
Critical Analysis and Logical Thinking/Written Communication ENG 101 Composition 3
Historical Knowledge Choose any Historical Knowledge listed 3
Oral Communication Choose any Oral Communication listed 3
Quantitative Reasoning Choose any Quantitative Reasoning listed 3
Scientific Knowledge♢♢ Choose any Scientific Knowledge listed 3-4
Scientific Reasoning♢♢ Choose any Scientific Reasoning listed 3-4
Social Phenomena Choose any Social Phenomena listed 3
Written Communication Choose any Written Communication listed other than ENG 101 3
General Elective—Choose any credit bearing courses from at least three of the following academic areas: Liberal Arts and Behavioral/Social Sciences, Business, Allied Health, Nursing & Physical Education, Engineering Technologies, and Mathematics/Science. See current language below. 30
Total Credits: 61-62


Any given course may only be used to satisfy one of the competency areas even if it is listed under more than one.

MAT*H137 and courses numbered lower than MAT*H137 will not transfer to Connecticut State Universities as Quantitative Reasoning courses.

♢♢ At least one Scientific Knowledge and Understanding OR Scientific Reasoning course must have a lab component.

Degree Outcomes - What you will learn

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

General Education Outcomes: See page 53 for General Education Competencies and Goals

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  1. Apply to Naugatuck Valley Community College.
  2. Send in required documents.
  3. Take the placement test.

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