Fire Technology And Administration

High School Undergraduate Information

The world has changed since 9/11 and the role of fire and emergency services has become more important than ever.

We now encourage students to become EMT certified and to take fire protection and prevention courses while they are still in high school.

These skills enable us to help others and can lead into a fire protection career.

Courses count for college credit

High school students will be integrated into classes with our fire technology and administration students. They will be treated as college students, because that is what they are, while taking classes at NVCC. 

This program is good for the students, the school and the community and lets us all set an example for others.

The following courses are recommended for high school students:

FTA*H112                          Introduction to Fire Technology

FTA*H116                          Building Construction (Prerequisite: FTA*H112)

FTA*H118                          Fire Prevention and Inspection (Prerequisite: FTA*H112)     

Program Coordinator
Barry D Groman
203-596-8797 (p)
Room: T633
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