Environmental Science

Certificate in Environmental Systems

Connecticut’s manufacturers have made a considerable investment in pollution abatement equipment in order to meet the increasingly stringent demands of state and federal environmental regulatory agencies. The sophistication of the equipment and the complicated regulations very often surpass the knowledge of the personnel assigned to operate these systems and to interpret the regulations.

The courses you will complete in this program have been designed to represent the operational and regulatory aspects of this increasingly important function of protecting our environment, while maintaining a competitive position in the marketplace. Participants in these courses will be exposed to a pragmatic approach to the subject, and should acquire a broader and deeper understanding of the field.

The goal of the Environmental Systems Certificate Program is to prepare students for a position in industry dealing with the compliance of environmental regulations.

Certificate Program Requirements and Outcomes
Program Coordinator
Cynthia D Donaldson
203-596-8703 (p)
Room: E418b