Drug and Alcohol Recovery Counselor (DARC)


How quickly can I get certified as an Addictions Counselor?

  • You can complete the four (4) core DARC courses in one, two or three semesters. Many students have completed the four core DARC courses in the spring/summer semesters. The internship will require one additional year becuase it runs fall/spring of every academic year, but will count towards the work hours required for certification.
  • Students who complete the eight (8) core DARC courses are qualified to sit for the Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC) exam (with additional documentation required by the CCB)
  • Students who pass the CAC exam can receive provisional or standard certification once they have acquired direct supervised work experience that is substance abuse specific. It is very common for NVCC DARC graduates to be hired directly from their internships. 

Should I plan to continue my education at a 4-year school once I earn an Associates Degree in DARC?

  • Students are encouraged to continue on to bachelor's and master's degree programs in psychology, community counseling, human services or social work. 
  • Students who continue on for a master's degree in counseling can obtain licensure (LADC) once the degree requirements are completed and as long as they have passed the CAC exam. 

Can I Transfer to a 4-Year School with a DARC degree?

  • Students who complete their Associates Degree in DARC can transfer to any of the four Connecticut State Universities through the Guaranteed Admissions Program. To be eligible, you must complete your associate degree in five (5) years or less with a 2.0 grade point average and must transfer within 2 years of completion of the associate degree.
  • Post University accepts the DARC degree as a minor in their Human Services bachelor’s degree. 
Program Coordinator
Sandra Valente
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Room: K610b