Digital Arts Technology

Certificate in Audio Video Production
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Want to specialize in Audio Video Production?

If you already have a degree in design or you're currently employed in broadcast media, the Audio/Visual Certificate can be a great addition to your skill set.


You'll focus on the detailed study of audio production and sound design as well as visual composition and non-linear video editing.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Audio can make or break any video production.
  • Anyone can make a video or film. It takes a trained individual to make a quality product.
  • Planning is key for any audio or video production.
  • Immediate hands-on exposure sets NVCC apart from many four-year programs.
Certificate Program Requirements and Outcomes
The catalog information normally displayed here is being updated. Please reference the Audio/Video Production section in the pdf version of the college catalog at this time. Thank you.
Program Coordinator
Rachael M Leite
203-575-8152 (p)
Room: L305