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This is tightly knit sequence of courses designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of interactive software development and digital media design.

Sharpen your skills as or learn to become an interactive software/media designer. Interact with colleagues and explore interactive design principles, human-computer interaction theory, software engineering structures, instructional design methods and visual and audio design principles.

If you are pursuing a career in fine arts, advertising, audio production, broadcasting, education, electronic publishing, graphic art production, instructional design, marketing, or Web development this program is for you. Choose to focus on Audio/Video, Graphics/Animation, Multimedia/Web or Electronic Music.

Department Head
Rachael M Leite
203-575-8152 (p)
203-596-8721 (f)
Room: L305
Digital Arts Technology Mission
Digital Arts Technology Mission
The mission of the Digital Arts Technology program is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of digital media creation and production. The aim of our program, with its specific focus areas, is to produce digital media designers prepared for jobs in training, marketing, advertising, web development, broadcasting, audio production, graphic art production and electronic publishing.