Criminal Justice/Public Safety

Associates of Science

There continues to be a need for professional public servants. The modern criminal justice/public safety system needs people with the ability to think critically, demonstrate sensitivity, and maintain professional standards. Enroll in our criminal justice courses or get your degree and explore the possibilities for a career in this field.  

Our Criminal Justice/Public Safety program can help prepare you for entry-level employment or give you the education you need to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Get your degree in criminal justice and specialize in: law enforcement, corrections, computer crime deterrence, security and forensics.

Choosing one of these options will require the completion of specific courses related to that particular field of study. Placement testing will determine the sequencing of courses. Additional courses may be required.

Department Head
Criminal Justice/Public Safety
Joseph Ward
203-596-8605 (p)
203-596-8755 (f)
Room: K609