Computer Information Systems

Certificate in Object Oriented Programming

The Object-Oriented Programming certificate educates students in the areas of object-oriented programming and systems design, with students taking courses in the area of object-oriented systems (OOS).

Programming languages include C++, VISUAL BASIC and JAVA.

An introduction to client/server systems applications is also included in this certificate program. Courses are designed to educate students for immediate positions in the industry and provide a solid foundation for continuation in our two-year associate degree in Computer Information Systems Technology.

College Catalog

Course No. Title Credits
Two Required Courses (6 credits)
Visual Basic I or
Programming I
CSC*H231 Database Design I 3
Four Elective Courses (12 credits) from this list
CSC*H101 Introduction to Computers 3
Visual Basic I or 
Programming I (if both are taken, one can be
used to meet the 4 elective requirement)
CSC*H206 Visual Basic II 3
CSC*H211 VB & ASP .NET Web Programming 3
CSC*H213 Object Oriented Programming Using C++ 3
CSC*H214 Advanced C++ Programming 3
CSC*H220 Object Oriented Programming Using Java 3
CSC*H227 Web Programming with Java 3
CSC*H228 Mobile Device Programming 3
CSC*H229 Programming II 3
CSC*H237 Database Programming with VB .NET 3
  Total Credit Hours 18

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the use of objects in application programs.
  • Define and implement efficient object-oriented solutions using C++, JAVA, and Visual Basic.
  • Write, compile, and execute programs using C++, JAVA, and Visual Basic programming languages.
  • Create applications using object-oriented features.
  • Use inheritance and interfaces to create robust, reusable, programming code.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of relational database concepts.

Program Coordinator
Sandra Eddy
203-596-2130 (p)
Room: T635
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