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Business Administration: Business Computer Applications option

Earning a degree in business administration with a business computer applications option will improve your marketability for a job in your area of expertise, whether that's accounting, finance, management or marketing. 

You'll receive a strong background in business subjects with the added benefit of computer proficiency. Your business and focus area courses are selected from the standard college course offerings while the computer courses supplement your new business skills and answer the question: "How do computers relate to business and my focus area?" rather than "How do computers work?".

Business Management

What is management, what do managers do?

Art and Science

“Management is both art and science. It is the art of helping people become more effective than they would have been without you. The science is in how you do that.”  F. John Reh Senior, business executive

Why Choose Naugatuck Valley Community College?

  • Your teachers are working professionals in their respective industries, bringing the real world into your classes.
  • Business Management is one of the largest career majors at Naugatuck Valley Community College.
  • The Business Management program has many partnerships with well known companies.

Business Finance

Earning an associate degree in business finance provides both transfer and career-oriented students the opportunity to learn in a dynamic environment! You'll be prepared to enter into a career in:

  • investments
  • banking
  • insurance
  • economic analysis.

You'll also be prepared to take the entrepreneurial path and open your own business all while building a solid foundation in a smaller, more personalized setting at Naugatuck Valley Community College!

Our faculty maintains a wide variety of real-world and classroom experiences and can answer career questions and advise you through every stage of completing your degree. We'll help you customize your schedule and incorporate traditional, hybrid and distance learning courses. Choose what works for you and your schedule!

You can also take advantage of additional training and workshops that are offered throughout the academic year, including the newly introduced Annual Economics Forum.

Program Coordinator
Donna A Marotti-Delieto
203-596-8683 (p)
Room: E519c
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