Automotive Technician

Certificate in Automotive Fundamentals

The Automotive Fundamentals program can help you gain exposure to the automotive technology field. 

  • Get an understanding of the basic operating principles of an automobile.
  • Learn in-depth theory of brake, steering, and suspension systems.
College Catalog

Course No. Title Credits
ATP*H100 Integrated Automotive Systems 3
ATP*H130 Brakes 3
ATP*H150 Steering and Suspension 3
Elective Automotive 2-3
Elective Mathematics 3
  Total Credit Hours 14-15

To ensure appropriate placement, placement test results and course prerequisites should be reviewed with the Program Coordinator and/or advisor.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Perform mathematics related to the occupation, including but not limited to: algebraic expressions, arithmetic, decimals and graphs.
  • Relate knowledge of theory and safety to accomplish certain tasks related to the occupation.
  • Identify and use appropriate tools, testing and measurement equipment to accomplish certain tasks related to the occupation.
  • Use current reference and training materials from accepted industry publications and standards to accomplish certain tasks related to the occupation.
  • Relate knowledge of general engine diagnosis and repair, including but not limited to the engine's: cylinder heads, valve train, block, lubrication, and cooling system.
  • Relate knowledge of suspension and steering systems (including wheel and tire), diagnosis, service, adjustments, alignment and repair.
  • Relate knowledge of general disc and/or drum brake system, hydraulics, power assist, and ABS (antilock brakes), maintenance, adjustment, diagnosis, and repair.

Program Coordinator
Mark A Schnubel
203-596-8796 (p)
Room: T525
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