Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center
in Danbury at Henry Abbott Technical High School

Evening Certificate Program

Learn how our program meets the work-force training needs of today's manufacturers.

Attend an Advanced Manufacturing Technology Information Session.


Henry Abbott Technical High School
21 Hayestown Avenue
Danbury, CT 06811


To schedule a visit email Anthony Lettieri.  

At an information session you will:

  • Review key skills taught in our program.
  • Meet with college representatives.
  • Discuss the admissions and financial aid process. 
  • Get answers to your questions.

About NVCC's Advanced Manufacturing Technology Program

The NVCC Danbury Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center provides students with hands-on access to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Built on the region’s manufacturing roots and enhanced with modern advancements in technology and innovation, the Center is conveniently located at Henry Abbott Technical High School, 21 Hayestown Avenue, Danbury, CT and features manufacturing and technical education that addresses the skills gap manufacturing companies face today.

The evening certificate program trains students to be inspectors, machine operators, CNC operators and more. Upon completion, certificate holders will possess the knowledge required in basic math, blueprint reading and manufacturing processes to work on the shop floor.

Students will complete the following coursework:

Course No. Title Credits
MFG*H124 Blueprint Reading I 2
MFG*H151 Mfg Machinery – Drill Press 1
MFG*H152 Mfg Machinery – Grinding 2
MFG*H153 Mfg Machinery – Bench Work 2
MFG*H154 Mfg Machinery – Lathe I 2
MFG*H155 Mfg Machinery – Milling I 2
MFG*H156 Mfg Machinery – CNC I 2
  Directed Elective† 3
  Total Credit Hours 16
MFG*H105 Manufacturing Math II 3
MFG*H125 Blueprint Reading II 3
MFG*H254 Mfg Machinery – Lathe II 3
MFG*H255 Mfg Machinery – Milling II 3
MFG*H256 Mfg Machinery – CNC II 3
  Directed Elective† 3
MFT*H5238 Career Development (non-credit course)  
MFT*H5239 CNC Projects (non-credit course)  
  Total Credit Hours 18
Directed Electives†:
CAD*H110 Introduction to CAD  
CAD*H150 CAD 2D  
QUA*H114 Principles of Quality Control  
  Total Credit Hours 34

Program Coordinator

Anthony Lettieri
203-312-6004 (p)

Manufacturers benefiting from our Graduates' skills

This program (or event) is funded (in whole or in part) by the Connecticut Advanced Manufacturing Initiative, TC-26448-14-60-A-9, as implemented by the United States Employment and Training Administration.