Placement Testing (Accuplacer)

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NVCC uses the Accuplacer computerized, adaptive placement test to assess your basic skills in English, reading and mathematics. The test results are used by advisors to make decisions about the level of courses you are prepared to take.

Prior to signing up for the test, you must:

  • apply to the College Admissions Office
  • pay a $20 application fee
  • receive a Student ID number.

Schedule a test.

Prepare for the test.

Download the Accuplacer brochure.

Before you can take the test:

  • Complete and submit an application for admission to the Admissions Office.
  • Get your Student/Banner/Net ID from the Admissions Office - this is your student ID number and it is required to take the test.
  • Returning or transfer students should check with their advisor about whether or not to take (or retake) one or more parts of the placement test.

*WALK-IN Testing

Students will be tested on a first-come, first-served basis. Prior to taking the test, a completed application must be submitted to the Admissions Office.

Retest Policy:

  • Students must have pre-approval to retest; retest form must be signed by an advisor, counselor, or faculty member. 
  • Students may only retest once. 
  • Students must show Photo-ID or they will not be permitted to retest. 
  • Students must show some sign of effort to increase their scores. 
  • Students should wait the recommended 2 weeks to retest.

If there is inclement weather or hazardous driving conditions, call the Testing Center at 203-575-8215 for an update as to whether or not your appointment has been cancelled. Our voicemail will be updated as often as necessary to reflect college openings and closings.

Placement Test Preparation

There are a number of resources to help you review in reading, grammar, arithmetic and algebra before taking the placement test.

  • Do a Google or Yahoo search. Type in “Accuplacer Practice.”
  • Find SAT preparation or review books to help you refresh your basic skills at local bookstores, libraries and online.
  • Visit theTesting Center or Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) for additional study guides and practice tests. ACE also has tutors if you'd like some extra guidance.
  • Download a study guide or take an online practice test:

Khan Accuplacer Arithmetic Review


Test Prep Review


Guide to Grammar and Writing (video)

Schedule your test at a campus near you:

Waterbury Campus


Book now

Danbury Campus

Select a date below and then call 203-437-9660 to schedule your test appointment.  Speak clearly leaving your name, student ID number, date of test, and telephone number.  You will receive a confirmation phone call.

Danbury Accuplacer Test Times

Day Date Time Room
Friday July 28 9:00 a.m S.T.A.R.T Walk-in*
Monday July 31 5:30 p.m.
Tuesday August 1 2:00 p.m. D206
Saturday August 5 9:00 am S.T.A.R.T Walk-in* D306
Monday August 7 5:30 p.m. D206
Tuesday August 8 9:00 am S.T.A.R.T Walk-in*
Friday August 11 9:00 am S.T.A.R.T Walk-in* D306
Monday August 14 5:30 p.m. D206
Wednesday August 16 9:00 am S.T.A.R.T Walk-in*
Saturday August 19 9:00 am S.T.A.R.T Walk-in* D306
Monday August 21 5:30 p.m. D206
Tuesday August 22 9:00 am S.T.A.R.T Walk-in*
Thursday August 24 3:00 pm S.T.A.R.T Walk-in**
Saturday August 26 9:00 am S.T.A.R.T Walk-in*
Monday August 28 11:00 a.m. D306

*Arrive no later than 12:00 p.m. for testing.
**Arrive no later than 4:00 p.m. for testing.