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Throughout the year, the Financial Aid Office receives information on available scholarship opportunities. The information is posted on the bulletin board outside of the office. You can stop by our office for more information. You can also visit this page for an updated list of scholarship opportunities. 

Helpful Hints for Scholarship Search

  • Before you start your search, make sure you have an email account. Many scholarships will send you application information over email. 
  • Make sure you have basic information about yourself available to send if an organization requests a profile. Many sites will have scholarships available for global majority groups listed by group. Make sure you apply for these because they often do not have as many people applying for them.
  • Save the entire essay that you create when applying for scholarships. Often these essays can be “recycled” and used for multiple applications. Often a paper from one of your classes may also be adapted to meet your scholarship application needs.
  • Set aside a folder for your scholarship search. Create a list of all the scholarships you have applied for and key dates (deadlines, notification dates). The folder should also contain your basic profile and sample essays.
  • Schedule time for your Internet searches during which you do not have to work on other tasks.
  • There is an open writing lab that is available to help with your essay writing. Make sure you have someone proofread your essay before you send it.
Private scholarships

Private Scholarships

Private scholarships funds are provided by donors outside the College. Here are some tips on pursing private scholarship opportunities:

  • An Internet search is one of the best ways to identify private scholarship opportunities. 
  • Free scholarship search services are compiled on
  • Nearly every town or city has service organizations that offer college students financial assistance. Find out from the various organizations in the community if they have scholarships available.If you receive a scholarship from a group or individual, inform them of your gratitude and your progress. A letter of thanks goes far toward encouraging renewal of these awards.
  • Students are required to report all private scholarships they expect to receive to the Financial Aid Office.

Websites to search for Scholarships and Scholarship information

    • State of Connecticut: This is the primary website of the State of Connecticut that lists available financial aid resources which includes a comprehensive listing of scholarships and resources for all students - dislocated, graduate, tuition assistance, specific occupations, sports participation, veterans, students with disabilities, and community organizations and non-profit foundations.
    • Other Scholarships Search sites:

NVCC foundation scholarships

NVCC Foundation Scholarships

Look for an updated list of NVCC Foundation Scholarships along with instructions and applications to be posted here and available here in April, 2018.

More scholarships available

More Scholarships Available:

  • NASA Connecticut Space Grant Consortium has three opportunities available for NVCC students/alums for Fall 2017. Deadline: Monday, September 11 at 12:00 pm. 

  These opportunities are:

    • $1,500 Community College Scholarship
    • $5,000 Community College Transfer Scholarship for students that have already transferred to a 4-year university.
    • Community College Quadcopter Challenge – Team of 5 students (must include 2 women and 1 underrepresented) with one faculty advisor. Each student receives a $1,000 stipend.

While the deadline is early in the semester this fall, do not be discouraged from applying. NVCC students have fared very well in earning these opportunities. Last spring five students received the CC Scholarship and last fall six students received the CC Scholarship. So if you are eligible, apply!

Eligibility requirements:

    • Major in a STEM field or be able to demonstrate that your career interests relate to a STEM field. For these opportunities, NASA defines STEM broadly. If you can relate your major or interest to the goals of NASA, such as space exploration or the journey to Mars, you are eligible.
    • Full-time student in the Fall 2017 semester or be part-time but completing your program requirements in the Fall 2017 semester.
    • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
    • United States citizen and be able to verify this by showing a copy of a U.S. birth certificate, a U.S. Passport, a Military ID Card, or a Naturalization Certificate.

For information on how to apply for these opportunities, email Dr. Peter Angelastro, STEM Division Director. Please use Space Grant Scholarship or Internship as the subject line.

  • Hartford: CT March for Science Scholarship Essay Contest is offering three (3) total one-time scholarships to students who complete their essay prompt. The first place prize winner will receive a $1,000 award. Two second place winners will receive a $500 award. Contest winners will also have their essays posted to their social media pages along with a brief bio of their academic pursuits. Click for eligibility requirements, essay prompt and form. Submit scanned materials via email to: by June 30, 2017. 
  • Eversource Energy is providing five $2,000 scholarships to new full-time students of Naugatuck Valley Community College who are majoring in Electronic Engineering Technology. To be eligible, students must be entering the College in the Fall 2017 semester and qualify to take College Alegbra (MAT172) and English Composition (ENG101) based on placement testing or SAT/ACT scores. Students interested in applying for the scholarship are encouraged to contact NVCC STEM Enrollment/Retention Specialist Deirdre D’Amore at 203-575-8014 or Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all remaining scholarships have been awarded.
  • Best Hospitality Degrees Scholarship, Deadlines: November 30 and April 30 of each year. Apply
  • Connecticut Association of Latinos in Higher Education Scholarship, Deadline: August 10, 2017
  • Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program, Deadline: June 12, 2017. Apply
  • The Rivera Memorial Foundation, Inc., Deadline: Friday, December 9, 2016. More information
  • Transfer Scholarship Opportunities for students graduating NVCC in Spring 2017 and transferring to a 4-year institution to complete a bachelor's degree:

Fairfield County Community Foundation (FCCF) transfer scholarships. Female Family Economic Security Program (FESP) students who will graduate NVCC with a GPA of at least a 3.0, a record of campus service or activity, and a plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree at an accredited four-year university or college. Proof of application or acceptance may be required, and we hope that applicants will apply well in advance of receipt of tuition payment deadlines. We encourage applicants to attend college full-time, but they must enroll in at least three-quarters college classes each semester to maintain their scholarship eligibility. 2 FESP students will be eligible for Pasculano Transfer Scholarships in Calendar Year 2017; another 2 FESP students will be eligible for Pasculano Transfer Scholarships in Calendar Year 2018. Amount of scholarship award: Up to $5,000 in a scholarship grant, per year, for 2 years. Fairfield County Community Foundation (FCCF) will pay the grant directly to the four-year college/university, for the benefit of the student. Uses of scholarship award: Tuition; residential living expenses/fees; transportation; campus fees; books and course materials. FCCF will pay the grant directly to the four-year college/university  For eligibility and other details, download the application. Deadline to apply is March 21, 2017.

President to President Scholarships. Each year NVCC graduates who meet certain eligibility requirements, can apply for a number of President to President Scholarships in order to assist them as they pursue their education at one of the four year colleges or universities listed below:

              •  Central Connecticut State University
              • Charter Oak State College
              • Eastern Connecticut State University
              • Southern Connecticut State University
              • Western Connecticut State University
              • University of Connecticut Waterbury
              • University of Hartford
              • NVCC is also offering a Connecticut Community College Partner Scholarship to The University of Saint Joseph.

All portfolios are due by 5:00 pm on February 24, 2017 and must be delivered to room K520 to be considered. Late portfolios will not be accepted. To check on eligibility, requirements and details, please download the application.

  • All-USA & All Connecticut Acadmeic Team (and five other) FALL TRANSFER Scholarships,Deadline: December 1, 2016 5:00 pm. Apply (This common application offers seven scholarship opportunities.) 


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