Library Instruction Program Outcomes
Library Instruction Program Outcomes for Naugatuck Valley Community College Students


Basic Level

As a result of participating in library instruction, the ideal student will be able to:

1. Information need

a. Identify research topic and focus

b. Identify what type of information is needed

c. Determine the appropriate resource to locate relevant information

2. Access

Physical orientation

a. Identify the methods that can be used to contact the librarians at NVCC

b. Locate the different material locations in the library

c. Explain how to access NVCC’s library resources from off campus


d. Search for and retrieve print items using the library catalog

e. Search for and access ebooks and other materials through the library catalog

f. Search for and request items in the statewide ILL system and the state library catalog


g. Demonstrate how to access and retrieve full text articles

h. Determine database coverage through journal locator, if appropriate

i. Demonstrate how to access academic information on the internet

3. Evaluation

a. Identify suitable search results

b. Demonstrate ways to narrow or widen the search parameters, if necessary

c. Use relevant keywords in results to revise search strategies

4. Ethics

a. Identify the style of citation that is expected to be used by their instructor