About Your Library

"The library is the temple of learning and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in the history."

--Carl Thomas Rowan

The main entrance of the Max R. Traurig Library is located on the 5th floor of the Learning Resources Center/ Library building.  We offer a comprehensive collection of electronic resources, books, periodicals, maps, DVDs, videos, music CDs and reference resources all reflecting the current college curriculum. 


The Max R. Traurig Library/Learning Resources Center supports and enhances the active learning and success of its diverse community. A well-trained library staff provides services and instruction in a welcoming atmosphere to help students navigate the college and the research process. Access to technology and information resources relevant to the college curriculum is provided in a timely and fair manner, in a variety of formats.


  • Provide the materials needed to support the mission of the college and its academic curriculum.
  • Manage and organize the library collection to make it easily accessible to patrons.
  • Provide quiet and safe academic space conducive to a variety of study modalities.
  • Teach information literacy skills to the college community.
  • Encourage life-long information literacy.

The Max R. Traurig Library abides by the Continuing Notice of Nondiscrimination

Fast Facts from the 2014-15 Library Annual Report

Library Collections

 Print Books- Circulating    33,498
 Print Books- Reference 4,628
 Print Magazine and Journal Subscriptions  108
 Magazine and Journal Database Subscriptions 13 
 DVDs 2,637
 VHS  3,051
 Music CDs    2,099


 Number of Instruction Sessions                      138
 Number of Sessions at Danbury Campus   16
 Students Served      2,433
 Classes with Embedded Librarians  3
 Library Research Guides  129

Circulation Transactions

 Books  4,166
 Reserve/ Textbooks                                       6,753
 DVD/VHS  1,045
 Music CDs  233
 Other (ILL, Netbooks, Nooks, USBs, etc.) 571 
 Total Circulation    12,768

Physical Locations

 Square Footage - Waterbury                           14,665
 Library Gate Counts (Entries)  103,223
 Hours Open- Semester   64.5
 Hours Open- Summer  48.5
 Number of Seats   275
 Number of Computers/ Laptops Available   82

Read the complete 2014-15 Annual Report

Annual Reports- Previous Years

Contact Information
Jaime Hammond
203-575-8199 (p)
203-575-8062 (f)
750 Chase Parkway
Waterbury, CT 06708