Forms and Documents

Faculty members seeking General Education approval for any new or existing courses must complete one or more of the following applications.  

Please note: courses may be admitted into General Education requirements under more than one competency, but faculty must complete a separate application for each of the competencies sought for the course. Completed applications should be submitted to the General Education Assessment and Curriculum design Committee Chair or the Committee representative(s) with oversight over the appropriate competency area(s).

Course Applications for the Common Core

Appreciation of the Aesthetic Dimensions of Humankind.docx

Continuing Learning and Information Literacy.docx

Critical Analysis and Logical Thinking.docx

Appreciation of the Ethical Dimensions of Humankind.docx

Historical Knowledge and Understanding.docx

Oral Communication in English.docx

Quantitative Reasoning.docx

Scientific Knowledge and Understanding.docx

Scientific Reasoning.docx

Social Phenomena Knowledge and Understanding.docx

Written Communication in English.docx

Student performance on competency learning outcomes will be assessed on a five year rotating schedule.  Department Chairs, Program Coordinators, and/or Faculty teaching courses in competency areas scheduled for assessment must complete and submit the following Assessment Planning form to the General Education Assessment and Curriculum design Committee by October 1 of the semester preceding assessment.

Assessment Plan Form

General Education Common Core Course Assessment Plan.docx


Approved General Education Course Applications with Course Outcomes

Aesthetic Dimensions

Continuing Learning and Information Literacy

Critical Analysis and Logical Thinking

Ethical Dimensions

Historical Knowledge

Oral Communication

Quantitative Reasoning

Scientific Knowledge and Understanding

Scientific Reasoning

Social Phenomena

Written Communication