Course Approval Process

Faculty seeking approval for a new General Education course must follow this process:

Approval Process for New General Education Courses

  1. New courses must first apply to GEACC in order to be assigned to a comptency area.  You will need to download and complete application(s) for the competency/ies designated for your course.
  2. If you are applying for approval under designated competencies, ensure that your course has learning outcomes that match all outcomes listed for each competency.  Please note that all courses approved for Aesthetic Dimensions must also be approved for at least one Written Communication outcome.  Likewise, all courses approved for Continuing Learning/Information Literacy must also be approved for all Ethical Dimensions outcomes.
  3. Submit completed applications to Jason Seabury, GEACC chair:
  4. Once assigned to a competency or competencies, most new courses must seek approval from the Curriculum and Educational Affairs Committee (CEAC).* Note that clicking on this link will require you to log in with your Net ID and Password. 
  5. The CEAC chair will convey the names and numbers of all new Gen Ed courses that are approved.
  6. GEACC will add the new course to the list of approved courses on the GEACC website and in the college catalog.

Please note: Student performance on Competency Outcomes will be periodically assessed within all courses approved for General Education.