General Education Assessment and Curriculum Design

The General Education Assessment and Curriculum design Committee ensures that our graduates achieve the skills and values critical for academic and professional success.

Philosophy and Requirements
Program Oversight and Assessment
For ConnSCU Transfer Students

Philosophy and Requirements

Naugatuck Valley Community College considers general education an important component of its degree programs. While an appropriate level of mastery in occupations and technologies is clearly essential, students are better prepared to live in the world and use this mastery only if they are also capable of understanding fundamental theory, weighing values, and forming independent judgments.

The College defines general education in terms of the following competencies:

  • Appreciation of the Aesthetic Dimensions of Humankind              
  • Appreciation of the Ethical Dimensions of Humankind                  
  • Continuing Learning and Information Literacy                                  
  • Critical Analysis and Logical Thinking                                                 
  • Historical Knowledge and Understanding                                          
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Social Phenomena                    
  • Oral Communication                                                                              
  • Quantitative Reasoning                                                                         
  • Scientific Knowledge and Understanding                                         
  • Scientific Reasoning                                                                                
  • Written Communication                                                                        

Focusing on these categories, the General Education program ensures that NVCC students gain the fundamental skills, knowledge and values needed for success in their academic, professional and personal lives. 

Program Oversight and Assessment

The General Education program is reviewed and assessed by the General Education Assessment and Curriculum design Committee (GEACC). The duties of the committee include identifying and approving college courses used to fulfill competency requirements. The committee is also responsible for researching, designing, scheduling and assisting in the implementation of assessment methods to determine if students are achieving competency outcomes.  

For ConnSCU Transfer Students

In order to ease transfer between state colleges and universities within the ConnSCU system, NVCC’s General Education program reflects the system’s General Education Framework.  Based on this Framework, students who complete NVCC’s General Education program will be granted General Education credit upon transfer to any Connecticut state university or community college.