FYE: The First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) IDS-H101 is a 1.5 credit class that supports students’ transition into the unique demands of higher education. 

An interdisciplinary course, FYE covers practical skills—such as time-management and study tactics—while helping students connect with the vast resources and opportunities available at the College.

More than that, though, FYE is an opportunity for faculty and students to build long-term, meaningful relationships, many of which last throughout a student's entire academic career at NVCC. 

In a sense, FYE becomes the foundation for a student's entire academic experience - offering positive expectations and possibilities and a safe place to explore one's sense of being within the academic community.

FYE Contact Information
Dresdner, Lisa
Full Profile
Lisa Dresdner
Associate Dean of Liberal Arts & Behavioral/Social Sciences
Department:  Liberal Arts and Behavioral/Social Sciences
Room:  K600
203-575-8004 (p)
Lombard, Louis N
Full Profile
Louis Lombard
Assistant Professor, English
Department:  Liberal Arts and Behavioral/Social Sciences
Room:  K610b
203-575-8169 (p)
FYE Comments from
Students and Faculty

[STUDENT] “The course was very beneficial…there has been a significant change in my attitude toward time and money management.”

[FACULTY] “What I love most about FYE is the unique opportunity to work with students across multiple disciplines to build confidence and critical thinking skills. The collaboration not only creates connections with students and faculty, but also increases retention! It’s a great experience for all of us!”

~ Donna Marotti, Professor and Chairperson of Management, Marketing & Finance

[STUDENT] “The FYE course helped to broaden [my] ideas.”

[STUDENT] “I did enjoy the group discussions and activities.”

[FACULTY] “I loved teaching FYE. It was nice to teach the students to slow down and plan out their time and responsibilities. It is such a valuable lesson that I wish someone taught me when I was a freshman in College.”   

~ Cathy DiFronzo, Instructor of English & FYE  

[STUDENT] “The professor gave good advice about things other professors didn’t…like financial aid.” 

[FACULTY] “What I've found most rewarding in teaching FYE is witnessing the level of student interest in learning strategies to aid in decision-making, deal with stress, utilize time management skills, and seriously contemplate what direction they are heading. As I've shared my "passion" in anecdotal and factual lessons, they are beginning to express theirs through avid participation and written assignments. I feel blessed to be able to make a difference.”

~ Lou Lombard, Instructor of English & FYE

“Through this course, I have learned to apply these skills to my daily life.”

“I liked FYE because it helped me meet a variety of people with the same worries I had as a college student. I found that everyone, no matter their age, has the same nervousness about college. It made me more secure of myself, and like I could really finish school.” – Jennifer P.

"My FYE course helped me to organize and find out what kind of learner I am." Natalie C.

“I found out about things that I never would have.”