Program Description
STEM Division

Advanced Manufacturing Machine Technology

Program Description

(Formerly Machine Technology Level II)

The objective of the certificate program is to provide essential skills and knowledge to individuals seeking a position in Advanced Manufacturing. A prerequisite for entry into this certificate program is placement into or above MAT*H095 and ENG*H063 or consent of the program director.

Program Requirements

Course No. Title Credits
MFG*H124 Blueprint Reading I 2
MFG*H151 Mfg Machinery – Drill Press 1
MFG*H152 Mfg Machinery – Grinding 2
MFG*H153 Mfg Machinery – Bench Work 2
MFG*H154 Mfg Machinery – Lathe I 2
MFG*H155 Mfg Machinery – Milling I 2
MFG*H156 Mfg Machinery – CNC I 2
Directed Elective† 3
MFT*H5010 Metrology (non-credit course)
MFT*H5235 Manufacturing Math I (non-credit course)
MFT*H5236 Career Awareness/Development/ Computer Application (non-credit course)
Total Credit Hours 16
MFG*H105 Manufacturing Math II 3
MFG*H125 Blueprint Reading II 3
MFG*H254 Mfg Machinery – Lathe II 3
MFG*H255 Mfg Machinery – Milling II 3
MFG*H256 Mfg Machinery – CNC II 3
Directed Elective† 3
MFT*H5238 Career Development (non-credit course)
MFT*H5239 CNC Projects (non-credit course)
Total Credit Hours 18
Directed Electives†:
CAD*H110 Introduction to CAD 3
CAD*H150 CAD 2D 3
QUA*H114 Principles of Quality Control 3
Total Credit Hours 34


Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate basic knowledge and understanding of fuel cell technology, alternative energy systems, electronics, alternative fuel vehicles, and photovoltaics.
  2. Differentiate between traditional energy sources, alternative energy sources, and renewable energy sources.
  3. Demonstrate basic knowledge of sustainable energy as used in residential and business settings.
  4. Differentiate between and explain uses of alternative fuels in transportation vehicles.
  5. Understand the role of engineering technology, manufacturing, and technology in sustainable energy production and distribution.
  6. Completion of this certificate program may begin to prepare students for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV (photovoltaic) Entry Level Certificate Exam, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate Exam.


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