College Advisory System (CAS)

The NVCC College Advisory System (CAS) is based on the premise that curriculum and educational affairs, academic standards and student affairs policy formation is best created and managed by the faculty and professional staff directly involved with the students they serve.  The faculty and staff collaborate to provide recommendations to the president's cabinet and ultimately to the president.  Additional notification and approvals are forwarded to the Board of Regents as necessary from the president's office.

To that end, a system of college committees is established, operating with broadly representative membership and elected leadership. These open committee meetings advance agendas and employ the "open hearing" as a culminating vehicle to obtain college-wide input on proposals. Proposals are then recommended to full professional staff for action. The action of the professional staff is reported in the in the President's Weekly Bulletin.

The CAS committees are advisory to the full professional staff of the College, whose action is advisory to the President. The system consists of four committees made up of elected, full-time members of the professional staff, exclusive of management/confidential employees. They are:

Curriculum and Educational Affairs Committee (CEAC)

Academic Standards Committee (ASC)

Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

Agenda Committee (AC)

Agenda Committee

The Agenda Committee (AC) is responsible for overseeing the process of operations of the other three College Advisory System committees, determining proper committees for proposal consideration, review and other matters.