Professor, Human Services/Pre-Social Work
Room: K601
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Associate Professor, History/Geography
Room: K602
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Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education
Room: K402b
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Associate Professor, Anthropology/Sociology
Room: K602
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Professor, Human Services/Pre-Social Work
Room: K617a
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Associate Professor, Sociology
Room: K600d
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Professor, Early Childhood Education
Room: K402a
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Professor, Psychology
Room: K611
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Associate Professor, Psychology
Room: K617b
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Coordinator DARC Program
Room: K608
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Professor, Psychology
Room: K601
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Professor, Criminal Justice
Room: K609
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Professor, Criminal Justice & Public Safety
Room: K601
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Behavioral & Social Sciences Division

“Prepare yourself to make a difference”

It has been said that education can change the lives of people, but in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Division, we educate people to change lives.

Serious teaching. Serious learning.

Come and learn from our nationally recognized faculty and take advantage of their collective two centuries of teaching and professional experience. Our part-time faculty - including legislators, professional teachers, psychologists, social workers, police officers and attorneys - bring a depth and breadth of professional experience to the classroom that you will find in few other places.

You'll get to see how your education works in the "real world."

Pictured Above:  Dr. William (Terry) Brown, division director, and Nancy Washington, division secretary

You won't just learn theory in a classroom. Our facilities include a forensics lab, the Child Development Center, an archaeological dig site, and our "rat lab" - all of which are state-of-the-art or one-of-a-kind in community colleges. You even have the opportunity to make the world your classroom in our Legislative Fellow or Study Abroad programs.

This is just the beginning.

All of our degree programs are designed to transfer to four-year schools like the University of Connecticut, the Connecticut State Universities, Post University, the University of Bridgeport and many others. You can easily start with us and finish your education elsewhere. We can also help you find employment across the state through our cooperative education programs.

Are you ready? 

Whether you are concerned about living in the world or changing it, you’ll find that we are serious about teaching you how. Enroll in our courses, get a degree or certificate in one of our programs and prepare yourself to make a difference.

Contact Information
Ronald S Picard
203-596-8761 (p)
203-596-8755 (f)
Room: K606
750 Chase Parkway
Waterbury, CT 06708

Our mission

The mission of the Behavioral and Social Sciences Division is to prepare our students for a life of critical inquiry of individual and collective behavior, for personal and social development, and for academic and career success through our teaching and other work as professional educators.

Our vision

The faculty and staff members of the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences are committed to innovative and effective educational practice to create the best possible environment for our students to learn about themselves, others and the diverse world in which we all live.