Waterbury, an Ode to Tomorrow*

Last Updated Oct 2013

Waterbury, an Ode to Tomorrow*

Before it was Waterbury,
it was known as Mattatuck-
untamed, unpredictable,
dependent on the Naugatuck River.

Algonquins, Pequots, Mohegans,
Paugausetts, Quinnipiacs and the Tunxis
lived communally, their existence
shaped by the bounty of the seasons.

Looking back, moving forward,
European settlements, community
being built, growing its own brand of
e pluribus unum, many uniting into one.

Looking back, moving forward,
prosperity in the making, migrations and
industries bringing life, building Brass City,
optimism fueling dreams of a good life..

Majestic, serene, basking in the
warmth of a splendid Connecticut skyline,
the city rises each morning, it awakes,
another day is born of brow and brawn.

Union Station echoes the grandeur
of Siena, paying homage to ancestry,
time standing still and yet moving forward
on the green casting a long shadow of pride.

City Hall is a living symbol of justice, equality and élan.
Cass Gilbert’s vision coming to life, affirming
a city’s standing at the center of the universe.
Years pass, floods and disrepair left behind.

Renewal was brought-e pluribus unum-
Out of many one, now a rich multicolor mosaic of citizens
is Waterbury’s pride, working hand in hand
toward a common vision of a humanity that is inclusive and kind.

Looking back with pride, moving forward with purpose
God’s blessings and praise for you, City Hall:
As you support a vision for educating our people,
preserving beauty and sustaining life.

City Hall, on this hour of renewal and re-birth,
You’ve become the promise.
Your majesty is a symbol of Waterbury’s
appreciation and value of an inclusive life.

Looking back, moving forward:
We honor our proud history;
We celebrate the beauty of today;
We dare to dream of a brighter tomorrow.

Many uniting into one-
City Hall rises to lead this beautiful city,
City Hall built-again to pay homage to yesteryears 
and to secure the blessings of opportunity for all.

*Ode-a poetic composition in praise of; -ode: way or path.

By Daisy Cocco De Filippis, Ph.D.
President, Naugatuck Valley Community College
December 2010, written for the dedication of the renovated City Hall