President's Remarks

It is a joy to welcome you this afternoon to our fifth community meeting and to thank you for joining us for an update on our first year’s implementation of “Toward a Splendid College: Naugatuck Valley Community College Strategic Plan: 2013-2016”. This is a good opportunity for us to hear your comments about our common interests as we map out the work to be undertaken in the next academic year.
The family has gathered again to highlight our progress since last year and to suggest ways to address our mutual commitments for the future.
I thank everyone for all you do each and every day for our students, and in particular, I thank our colleagues in Admissions, the Center for Academic Planning and Student Success, the Office of Financial Aid, the Registrar, the Business Office, Cashier’s Office, Public Safety and Academic Affairs for their support of advisement and registration.
I thank you all for your continued engagement and hard work, evident in the success of our students.
This morning our community partners, fellow college and university presidents and elected officials have joined our NVCC family to celebrate achievements and to pledge their support.
How wonderful it is to be here this morning, celebrating 10-year accreditation; to hold in our hands a document that validates and confirms the importance of the good work we are doing and the plans we have for our future progress.
The responsibility of representing the Dominican-American community on this magnificent day fills me with pride and gratitude.
A new semester is underway and despite the challenges, weather and otherwise, we continue to have open and generous hearts.
Another year comes to a close, and the challenges in terms of budgetary cuts continue to plague us, yet we can truly take comfort in our knowledge that access and excellence are our most salient priority and inform all of our work.
My dear students, if you have not done so, I urge you to register and to have friends and family register to vote. More than ever, taking personal responsibility to ensure that you and yours will cast a ballot on November 6th has become imperative.
Welcome to the fall 2012 academic semester. What a beautiful time of the year to begin anew our dream-building, our goal-achieving, our quarter-backing for our students’ success.
Gear Up in Waterbury, will bring together the NVCC Bridge to College program as a partner with three middle schools. We will work hand in hand with our colleagues to bring about our own “great expectations”...
There is much to celebrate today for we live in country where most of us believe that “the great truth is that it is in the nature of people to do good to one another” and where immigrants bring ingenuity, creativity and new ways of addressing needs and to participate in the evolution of American life and ways.
I am, also going to seize this moment, to talk about a subject very dear to my heart and very important to the future of Connecticut: Coming together to educate our young and to create meaningful pathways for their education.
I speak before you this morning to say that the gains of my generation are in jeopardy today when more than ever high school completion and a college education are required for the health of our community and for the future of our children.
A new semester is underway and engagement in multiple ways is palpable! Welcome, everyone, to another semester and to the opportunity to inspire, to believe, to teach and to learn together.
As the year comes to a close, I reflect on our resilience and generosity of spirit. Difficult budgetary times were met head on as we kept our promise of access and excellence.
I bring words of encouragement, support and high expectations from the 7406 students at Naugatuck Valley Community College and our faculty, staff and administration.
Monday evening, October 24, 2011 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the City of Waterbury. Many gathered at Naugatuck Valley Community College to join in a celebration of the first evening bus ride in Waterbury in eighty years!
The following poem was written by Daisy Cocco De Filippis, Ph.D., for the City of Waterbury in December 2010.
I thank my dear colleagues, friends and students who have taken time from very busy lives to speak words of love and support and trust in my capacity to lead this beautiful institution.