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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can Double-Sided Printing Save You Money?

Waterbury, Conn. - In the spring of 2011, Team Green, Information Technology and the Library initiated a conversation about changing the default setting on the printers to duplex. The goal of this change was to save money for the college and reduce the amount of paper used by students and faculty/staff.

On April 15th 2011, after faculty consideration and input from IT and the library staff, IT initiated a double sided printing trial in the library. The results have emphatically shown that default duplex printing will result in financial savings for the college and model environmentally responsible practices.

*Note: Pages refer to the number of pages in the document, while sheets refer to the actual number of sheets of paper used. For example, an 8 page single sided document is 8 pages and 8 sheets, while an 8 page duplex document is 8 pages and 4 sheets.

Chart 1

Overall printing during the time period of April 15 to May 26, 2010 versus April 15 to May 26, 2011.


Chart 2

Comparison of number of pages (i.e. length of document) by printer location. This chart shows the increase in printing in L523 due to the relocation of the library entrance. The number of pages printed has increased by 20%. 


Chart 3

Comparison of number of sheets of paper used by printer location. Unlike previous charts, the number of sheets utilized has decreased in L410 and has not increased at the same rate in L523. The total number of sheets printed has decreased by 15% due to an increase in duplex print jobs.



While the overall amount of printing has increased in the library, the number of sheets printed has decreased during the trial period due to the institution of default duplexing. This can be corroborated by comparing the same numbers in the months prior to the duplex trial, which show the overall increase in printing. Feedback from students has been exclusively positive. Default duplex printing will undoubtedly yield the college a significant savings on paper, and contribute to the initiative of modeling green.

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