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Seven Students Inducted Into Elite President's Circle

Ten students total will work hand-in-hand with the President in 2013-2014.

Waterbury, Conn. - Seven students were inducted into the President’s Circle at NVCC on Fri., Oct. 19, and presented with the signifying blue blazer that identifies them as members of the prestigious group. Ten students total will work hand-in-hand with the President in 2013-2014. 

Membership in the President’s Circle is the highest honor a student may receive while matriculating at the College. These students represent a select group of outstanding achievers who serve as the College’s student ambassadors, attending major college events with the President and/or her Cabinet, and lending voice to their experiences as NVCC students. In addition, they are given platforms to directly engage with community leaders, officials, alumni and friends of the College. Overall, membership represents an opportunity for these students to make connections, build networks and further their roles as active citizens and leaders.

This year's inductees include:


Alejandro Ortega
Major: Liberal Arts and Sciences

"In Spanish, there is a saying: 'dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres.' This means, 'tell me who do you hang with and I'll tell you who you are.' I hope to always be a positive influence to others as the saying goes. I am confident that my maturity and drive for excellence will greatly contribute to the Circle, as well as the campus community."


Ann Marie Verdosci
Major: General Studies

"The experience that I look forward to the most is the platforms with alumni, community officials, leaders and fellow students. The idea of being an active part of the discussion about Naugatuck Valley Community College is amazing. I look forward to being an active part of Naugatuck Valley and the programs it offers."



Fedia E. Boiteux
Major: Liberal Arts and Sciences

"I study hard and attend most of the college's activities to improve my social and communication skills. Being passionate about many things, such as learning different languages, meeting new people and volunteering in my free time, I have done everything in order to better myself not only as a student but as a person. Being eligible for the President's Circle is a reward for my hard work and performance as a student."


Joshua A. Hayes
Major: General Studies

"I know how much my father means to me and how much i looked up to him and I can already see that look in my son's eyes. I know that if I get accepted into the President's Circle that I can proudly talk to him about it as he gets older. On the same page, graduating college means even more to me because I know that he will be able to proudly say that his father was the first in the family to graduate."


Leidy Lange
Major: Mathematics/Science

"...I have learned the personal rewards that come from being involved with the school and community... The experiences have taught me so much. I have relearned to be grateful for every little thing I have and to take full advantage of every single opportunity, as we help so many who have so little."



Megan Marie Kiley
Major: Nursing

"It wasn't until I was forced out of my comfort zone that I realized my natural talent for public speaking and leadership... I have a personal goal of inspiring people to never give up. If I can change the life of one individual, all of my hard work has been worth it."



Shantia C. Burke
Major: Mathematics/Science: Chemistry

"I consider myself an advocate for community colleges because they offer an awesome education and an environment where if you are willing to learn you will learn. I've learned that you do not appreciate the education you receive unless you have applied yourself and tried your very best."

Returning students:


Yovany Cruz
Major: Human Services

“For four years I was a stay-at-home mother raising my son. As I observed the world and continued to grow within myself during this period, I carried a sincere desire to make a positive change on the lives I was in contact with. For those years I felt I lacked knowledge and I craved more education. In order to succeed, a person needs a certain level of self-confidence. I am a Hispanic mother who took over six years off from school and felt that I was too behind. I realized that it is never too late to accomplish something great.”


Simone Odom
Major: General Studies

"I know the importance of the interdependence between the community college and the community as a whole, and I will strive to assist in fostering that relationship with community leaders, officials, alumni and friends."



Ingrid Stringa
Major: Nursing

"As an exchange student, I found it very hard to get used to the new culture and environment, as Albania is so much different than America. The first two months were very hard to deal with, but I actually stayed for the whole year and now I remember that time as an unforgettable year of my life. What made me stay was actually my strong belief in dreams. You see, I had always wanted and dreamed to come here so when I felt like going back home, I used to say to myself: 'Do I really want to go back?' It just didn’t feel right, so, I decided that I would do whatever it takes to fit into the culture and in with the people – and I did it!”

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