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For five decades, NVCC has been on a journey, continuously evolving and expanding its level of service to the community through the leadership and creative talents of its faculty, staff and ultimately, its students who graduate and become an integral part of the fabric of the community. The journey has been guided by five strategic goals.


Graduation and Retention Chart


NVCC values diversity among students, employees and community partners, knowing how differences in perspectives, experiences, and abilities contribute to the rich fabric of the College and the ability to achieve its mission.

Check out a student profile to view the characteristics of credit students by semester, including age, gender, high school and more.


NVCC exists to serve the needs of the 22 towns in our service region. Check out the Community Profiles to learn more about the towns and cities where most of our students reside, including the:

  • number of households
  • median age
  • poverty rate
  • median household income
  • population by gender, age and ethnicity
  • school district information
  • top industries, employers and the labor force
  • Naugatuck Valley Community College head counts.

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NVCC by the Numbers

  • Unduplicated Headcount: 7,001
  • Average Student Age: 26
  • Freshman/Sophomore Ratio: 63.4%/36.6%

Top 5 Enrolled Programs

  • General Studies (32.9%)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences (7.2%)
  • Business Management (4.2%)
  • Human Services/Pre Social (3.8%)
  • Nursing (3.3%)

Top 5 Town Distribution

  • Waterbury (29.2%)
  • Danbury (13.6%)
  • Naugatuck (8.1%)
  • Watertown/Oakville (4.7%)
  • New Milford (3.1%)